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How dare you! Going from $3.77 to $5.99 a pound in one day??? Shopping elsewhere you thieves! The family pack was a great product and it was sold at a reasonable price..although nowhere near costco by any means, it was more convenient then going there to pay $1-$2 per pound. But to go to $6 in one day! What is this all about? How do you rationalize such a crazy price increase. That's like... Read more

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Harris Teeter Pharmacy stinks! For the past several months I have had many issues with their system. This last one was the straw that broke the camel's back. One of my prescriptions was due for a refill. Apparently their system automatically refilled it, because when I called last week, I was told it was not refillable for another month because it had already been filled. I called the next day to... Read more

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Seems the deli at 9600 falls of neuse rd is always messy. I got a name put on a cake and saw the trash cans running over,floor dirty,messy meat on table? Is this lack of trash cans? Brooms? Manager lets employees put meat on table that we use to buy. Grade reflects just how clean it is. No more getting lunch meat. We will get the closed up packs now for sure. Spreading the word. Glad new store... Read more

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Store #297 Employee are very disrespectful Add comment

We live in Cary, NC and the newest HT opened last year. Since then they have constantly overcharged on the sales items. The worst times are when they have the stock up sales. I have been at the register for over 20 minutes for the Manager or asst. to correct the prices that I have caught. The one time they simply said that the person who inputs will come in at 10AM and they will address it... Read more

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Three times this month I have purchased bagged vegetables at HT. When the bag was opened the produce smelled rotten. Bought a box of seasoning today. The "use by" date is one month past the expiration date. I hate it when places I trust are no longer trustworthy. Time to find a different store. Harris Teeter in Columbia, MD's King Contrivance Village Center was the "Go to" place for quality and... Read more

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The pharmacy tech in the Reston, VA store was incredibly rude to my wife because she had the temerity to ask a question about the amount of the co-pay on a prescription. His customer-friendly reply was "Well, do you want it or don't you?" She ripped him for his lousy attitude, as she should have. A couple of days later, I had to pick up a prescription, so I politely asked him what happened... Read more

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I went into the Mt. Island Lake Harris Teeter looking for two seafood items on sale. The ad ends on Tuesday 7/14 and I arrived 6pm on Sunday 7/12. I asked the seafood guy where the items were and he replied they were out. He did offer to sell me two other types of nasty looking crabcakes (not usual quality) to replace one of my sale items. Its something to plan a dinner and find the items out of... Read more

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We shopped for a 1lb cheddar cheese block under the Harris Teeter brand name on 7/5/15. Got it home and under the covered wrapping plastic there were big green mold splotches on the block end and top surfaces. The expiration date was stamped 11/2/15. That's FOUR MONTHS AWAY. The complaints clerk tried to assure me that bacteria and mold are part of cheese making and no big deal. Well, I... Read more

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As a former employee, I think HT needs a UNION for the disrespect that some of the management team displays such as the manager Kevin at #323, I sent my my expressing my feelings , however I wish there was a union to have helped me , just maybe I wouldn't have felt so alone and embarrassed as well as hurt. Add comment

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