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Complaint # 1 - a few months ago. In February I started using the express lane service at the Harris Teeter in Ghent (1320 Colonial Avenue).

I had such a great experience. Having a brand new baby and being a first time mom, being able to order online and conveniently pick up on the time/day of my choice was great!! They were always friendly and my order was always spot on. I can honestly say I had ZERO issues/concerns and I ordered my groceries from this location every week from February until I moved to VA Beach in July.

Unfortunately I have had the complete opposite experience with my local Harris Teeter in VA Beach (4540 Princess Anne Rd). The first week my card was charged twice and the second week my card was charged three times AND a different card that was on file (that I was not even using) was charged 3 times. When I talked to customer service, her response was “ I don’t know why the other card was charged, that’s strange, and it will probably be refunded)”. All the inappropriate charges were eventually reversed (but it took over a week).

The next week they put an entire raw chicken in the same bag as a head of lettuce!!!!!, and we ordered 3 poblano peppers and they gave us 1 jalapeno pepper. When we discussed with them that it is inappropriate to put those items together , they did not seem overly concerned? The following week we were scheduled to pick up our groceries at 10:30am and when we got to the store, they told us that they were sorry but so many people called out that our order would not be ready until later in the day. When We came back later in the day, they told us they had given us a 5 dollar refund and put a gift card in our grocery bag.

When we got home and unpacked our groceries there was NO gift card in the bag. We share one vehicle and our 6 month old daughter is in a spica splint. A simple phone call letting us know that our groceries would not be ready until later in the day would have been appreciated. We used the express lane to make our lives easier, and this is actually making our lives more difficult now.

We have spent so much time on the phone with VA Beach Harris Teeter customer service and our bank since moving to VA Beach. We have been loyal Harris Teeter customers since we both moved to Downtown Norfolk in 2015. This experience not only has convinced me to NEVER go to that specific location (4540 Princess Anne Rd) but I also think I will be finding a new grocery store to shop at. After complaint # 1 the manager contacted me.

He was apologetic and gave me an incentive to continue shopping at that location. The first 2 orders were spot on! Since the3rd order it has been a gradual decline. Complaint # 2 - today I have had nothing but problems with this Harris Teeter (4540 Princess Anne Rd, VA Beach) since I moved here in June 2017.

Prior to that I lived in downtown Norfolk, and used the express lane online shopping from February through June 2017 (I stopped using them when I moved to VA Beach) and they are amazing!! They exceeded my expectations with all my orders and freed up time that I desperately needed after just becoming a new mom. I showed up last night at 6:37pm to the express lane, hoping that my order may be finished 20 minutes early. Since using the Harris Teeter In Va Beach, about 50% of the time my order is not finished during the time I selected.

About half of those times, they don’t call to even let me know, I would show up at my scheduled time, and they would give me various excuses about why it wouldn’t be ready until later in the day. So after working a long day I was hoping it may be finished 20 minutes early. I pushed the button for service and it took about a minute for anyone to answer, they said that they would be out in a minute. One of the employees came outside a few minutes later, and told me that my food would not be ready until my scheduled time at 7:00pm.

I told him I wait there. About 5 minutes later (6:45pm), he came outside and asked me to move my vehicle. He said he knew that no one was behind me but there was a timed camera that stays on if I am parked in the express lane. I told him I would move the vehicle in a few minutes b/c I was in my trunk just moving a few things around.

I told him I would be back at 6:55. At 6:57pm I pressed the express lane button and it took about a minute for anyone to pick up. He said that they were processing my order and would be out in a few minutes. At 7:08 (10 minutes later) no one had come outside so I pressed the express lane button (for the final time b/c I will never go back there again).

I told them that they could put my order back b/c I would be leaving now. He said okay. I have had nothing but frustration from this Harris Teeter since I moved here. I understand that the order does not need to be ready until 7:00, but it should be ready at 7:00.

If it was not able to be ready at that time then the time slot should not be available online. Also the store gets their deliveries on Monday and Thursday. They were out of stock of so many things on my order. I placed this order Sunday evening, knowing that the delivery was Monday with the hopes that they would be able to successfully complete my order.

I am officially finished with this Harris Teeter. The fact that Downton Norfolk was amazing, I will be trying another location in the area that is just a little bit farther. I should have stuck with my instincts after the first ordered I placed at this location. For a service that should be convenient, help to save time and be stress free shopping, this Harris Teeter failed!!!!

I don’t want a phone call from a manager.

I have talked to a manager on 3 different occasions and this is the end result. I feel a sense of relief that online grocery shopping will no longer be a source of stress and frustration!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Harris Teeter Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Never go to that location again, even if I am passing it on my way home!!.

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