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I unfortunately had a less than satisfactory experience at the Harris Teeter store in Fayetteville,NC. I believe it was an associate named Joe in the deli they have preparing the ribs now but I don't think I have ever had a more awful tasting food product there. The seasoning was horrible and the meat tough. This person needs to learn how to prepare food right or he shouldn't be allowed to do it at all..
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I have been to other Harris Teeter stores and not ever had a problem until I visited my friends at university in Fayetteville,NC and went to the Harris Teeter store on Raeford Road. This store is abominable. The produce on clearance was moldy (So happy to see HT cares so much about food safety,ahem) and why doesn't the deli management have the women tuck ALL their hair under their hair nets? People that work with food should have sanitation...
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My girlfriend and I just relocated to the area and we heard about the Fayetteville,NC Harris Teeter store. Since we were used to shopping at Whole Foods, we thought we would give it a try. We are sorry we did. Immediately we noticed a horrible chemical smell that shouldn't occur in a place that not only sells packaged food but fresh food. That aside,we walked over to the deli and noticed that not all the women had their hair securely tucked into...
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This deli is so messy. I never get a sub at this store because sub area is so so dirty. Seems the chefs can only do the bars but someone needs to walk through the deli hourly and supervise. Trash is always to the top ny sub station. I called health inspector once about this when I left and they said that management is in charge. Ask for them. Tell them the place is a dump. Busy store,messy always. I buy no deli items even though I love boars...
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Seems the deli at 9600 falls of neuse rd is always messy. I got a name put on a cake and saw the trash cans running over,floor dirty,messy meat on table? Is this lack of trash cans? Brooms? Manager lets employees put meat on table that we use to buy. Grade reflects just how clean it is. No more getting lunch meat. We will get the closed up packs now for sure. Spreading the word. Glad new store open close by
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