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Extremely upset delivery driver.. Incident happened on 1/24/2017 while making a delivery and pickup from the receiving department.

Me and another driver entered the store made the delivery and at the same time asked the associate for the pickup. He told us he was new, and didn't know where anything was. We waited patiently while he looked around and called the manager. He ended up finding it and a few minutes later the store manager walked in(Bret).

Bret kept pointing to the packages on the skid and my coworker was telling him he needs to move the other skids out the way or take the boxes down so we can take them. As I was standing by the exit door Bret walked over and started yelling saying if we have done our *** job last week, that we wouldn't be here today. That's when I said hold on I was here last week and the old receiving manager gave me some other packages. He got close started yelling and cursing at me calling me a liar.

Then I raised my voice saying it's not my job to come on the loading dock and search for the packages. Bret started yelling and cursing again at me about not doing my job, and send another driver out here. As he's doing all this yelling and cursing he's very close to me. I felt threaten, I was the only woman on that dock with at least 15 men.

Bret then opened the door yelling for us to leave and as I walked out he called me a B***h!!!. I called the police. They took my statement spoke to him for a second, came back saying his employee told a different story which of course he's going to do so he won't get fired. They said since he didn't touch me it's nothing they could do.

I contacted corporate, and the response I got was I know him very well and he must have been having a bad day. In other words he can curse a customer out cause he's upset that day and nothing will be done. I'm dealing with a very serious health issue, I'll be having major surgery in 2 weeks. Everyday is a bad day for me, but I respect my customers do my job and don't take my anger out on them.

I still don't understand how I get yelled at when my coworker was doing 95% of the talking.

I guess cause I'm a woman doing a man's job I don't deserve the same respect. I'm still shacken up about this, never thought I would be treated that way..

Product or Service Mentioned: Harris Teeter Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Yeah I delivered product to the one in Harbourview and the receiving manager there was a total *&*&. And the assistant manager was an SOB too. Seemed like I might want to shop there but after thinking that my salary was paying for these schmucks I decided against that and haven't been back.

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