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2/1/2014 I opened a can of Harris Teeter Wild Mushroom Bisque Soup (you know, the one they sell in the refrigerated section), and made a bowl of soup. While eating the soup I felt something in my mouth that definitely wasn't soup, and unfortunately I had bit down on it, and I think I cracked a tooth. Upon pulling the object from my mouth, I found this about 1 inch long piece of clear plastic that is sharp and pointed on both sides. I checked the container, and nothing was broken off the container so it must have entered the container during manufacturing...., Ugh..., I'm totally grossed out..

So I called Harris Teeter last night 2/1/2014 and spoke to the General Manager Tony Vittesse, and he was totally concerned about me bringing the container in, and sending it to their Quality Control Department. I told him that I was concerned I might have broken a tooth, and he said don't worry we'll take care of you. So I have an appointment at the dentist tomorrow morning. I was concerned that there might be other foreign objects in other soups on the shelf so I asked Tony if he'll be removing those from the shelf and he said he would.

2/2/2014 Unbelievable! After speaking to Tony Vittesse - General Manager Harris Teeter last night he stated he would have these soups taken off the shelf based on my finding that sharp plastic object in the Harris Teeter Wild Mushroom soup. But lone and behold upon coming in to Harris Teeter today (which is the day after I spoke to Tony) to drop off and show him the soup and object, Tony is off work, and all the Wild Mushroom Bisque soups are still on the shelf being sold.

I think that *** foreign object cracked a back molar. I've got an appointment at the dentist tomorrow morning.

Beware guys and gals. I've included pics as I don't want anyone else getting hurt!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of harris teeter manager. Harris Teeter needs to "if my tooth is actually broken (i'll find out tomorrow) i would hope that at the very least harris teeter will pay my medical bills" according to poster's claims.

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I've broken teeth before for being ignorant and chewing junk based off habit but you didn't break a tooth on this out of spite. I can guarantee that.

You might have jabbed your gums with it and that's causing discomfort but not broken teeth.

Unless you got some bad teeth. And FYI theyre not gonna take all this product off the shelves because you wanted to.


Maybe your tooth was bad to begin with and it hadn't bothered you yet. The item on the picture doesn't look like it would be hard enough to damage a good tooth.

to anonymous #939956

Wow! That's what you gleaned from this post??

Maybe if there hadn't been a foreign object in the soup I wouldn't have had to clamp down on it to stop it from going down my throat. Maybe your working for the manufacturer or Harris Teeter, and working to soften the blow to your reputation. Maybe this will become a viral post, and others will come out of the woodwork with similar stories.

Maybe the manufacturer should be held responsible before someone gets more than a broken tooth, and swallows a sharp object that causes significant damage to their throat, esophagus, stomach, or intestinal tract.

Maybe this is a problem that the manufacturer should be held responsible for, and should take corrective action...

to Anonymous #939993

No I have never worked for Harris Teeter, whoever that is. That being said I have occasionally come across a piece of plastic in soup or other things, and have never had a broken tooth from it.

I could feel it as soon as it got in my mouth. When that happens, I contact the manufacturer and they in turn send me a mailing envelope to send the item to them and along with the envelope they also enclose a bunch of coupons. In your case before they make a settlement with you about your tooth, they will need absolute proof that it was this plastic item that caused the damage. As far as manufacturing items goes, the assembly lines move so fast that it would be pretty hard to catch every little thing that might drop into food or whatever is being produced.

How do you propose that products should be inspected on the assembly line when the product goes into a can or carton, whatever, the lid goes on and it is sealed.

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