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I completed the application for a Harris Teeter VIC card minus giving my driver's license information. When I submitted my application, the cashier informed me she could not take the form without my drivers license information.

I spoke to the customer service manager and explained I felt requesting this much information was too much and opened the door for identity fraud. He indicated he had several customers express the same concern, but the requirement came from corporate. I can not think of any other food chain in the area requiring the drivers license to be copied.

I am not desperate for a VIC card to point where I am willing to compromise my privacy by supplying this information. I live 12 miles from the Harris Teeter. I have used them on my way from work to home since the store opened. I started using them because of the organic items they carry. Prior to the store opening less than three months, I often traveled about ten miles from my home to Whole Foods. I find with this policy, my last visit to Harris Teeter was today and I will now resume my twice a week visit to Whole Foods.

Harris Teeter is not a store I would recommend to anyone as long as the requirement to provide a DL is a provision to obtain a card

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I refused to give my license but they still gave me a card.


I attempted to use my HT VIC card but it was rejected.When I asked why, I was informed that it was a previous style and they had been updated.

I was to "apply" for a new one. Even though I have been using this one for years with no problem. Apparently....the previous version did not contain my driver's license number. I can assure you, they will not get it either.

What HT customers fail to realize is that it is illegal for HT to "require" you to provide your D.L. number for anything that is not secured such as a credit card, bank account, etc. They are offering a "reward" card for discounts. You do not pay with it.

It does not hold money. It is not a bank card. Therefore, they cannot force you to provide your D.L. number, but can ask you to show it for verification purposes only.

They do not retain the right to copy or scan it at all. That being said, HT technically cannot legally deny you the card on those grounds. If they do, they are opening themselves up to a discrimination lawsuit, not to mention throwing in harassment and coercion. As a VIC card holder since they created them, I am seriously miffed over their rejecting my previous card just to try to force me into getting a new card so they can get my D.L.

number. That will not happen.

And no, just so you know, they cannot guarantee the information will never be hacked or stolen.They can only do what they can to prevent it.




I too agree!I don't understand why they would need a drivers license?

There is a Harris Teeter within 2 miles of my house.

I may have been in the store 5 times since it open...they are very expensive.I have noticed the huge market up of of some items...1, 2, and 3 dollar difference!

Closer but much, much, much cheaper to drive further to shop!!!!

to Anonymous Midlothian, Virginia, United States #1304677

I do not agree. Since you have so much to hide and is such an important person, don't give your drivers license number. I think you would be better off by shopping at Walmart.

to Bnob Rnowe #1362107

REALLY? So not helpful.


Absolutely.I did the exact same thing.

I have a large family, and think I spend a considerable amount on food. Also, there store is very convenient for me , but I drive to Martin's. By the way....Martin's is owned by a European concern. In Europe they understand the word privacy.

I think it takes a lot of guts. There is none....zero....zilch....nein....reason for them to request a driver's license. Why do they care if you are Mickey Mouse if you are buying from their overpriced store? Because they want to pester you and sell your information.

Drop dead.It is too bad more people don't tell them where to stick it.

Portland, Oregon, United States #1241442

No one is forcing you to buy their products or get any promotions/credit cards.There will never be 100% ID protection.

If you were so worried about it you could just get some ID protection from places like LifeLOCK.

You have to show your ID and credit card information for almost everything in America.Get over it.

to Anonymous #1253858

Why did you use anonymous?Why are you scread yto give your real information?

See how that works, ***?

So sorry you sold your personal info for a piddly discount. How much are you for sale for next time?

a 1-% discount?Less% or is 1-% all you;re worth?

to Anonymous #1364770

LifeLock is not a reliable company.Their own owner has had his identity stolen more than anyone else in the entire world.

If he cannot protect his own identity, what makes you think he can protect anyone else's.And yes, this is a proven fact.

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